On a steaming hot bright day in Egyipt . A man called Coomba lived in a poor ruin house but he did not care but he did want water to survive this beadly heat, so he waled slowly across the sandy path leading to the shop place. Once he arrived to the water shop he was going to get 2 water pots then , he had a sinking feeling because he said ” but I’m afraid  it’s the last one. ” So he cared on walking and buy the last one but then hey saw a poor man under a tree so Coomba went to the man and shared the water with him  .

One Response to “LAST 100wc BY ELIJAH”
  1. Nicola Richardson says:

    A great idea in response to this week’s prompt Elijah. I especially liked the ending where Coomba did something very kind, as it would have been easier for him to behave selfishly. As you read through your work, check whether you have forgotten any full stops or punctuation to help show the reader where sentences begin and end.
    I hope you have enjoyed the 100 word challenge this year!
    Nicola Richardson, team 100wc, Tyne and Wear, UK

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