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It was a busy day and Marge was cleaning Bart’s room when she found a piece of paper. She nearly put in the bin but before she could, she noticed something. “Bake sale – Friday”.”No!”. Searching her cupboards from top to bottom, flinging open the fridge, she could find nothing. She got to the shop and filled her hands, but when she got to the counter, The raisins had gone. “Who’s buying these?” he asked.

“Me!” they said. “But I’m afraid it is the last one…” he announced. Marge left money and rushed out the shop, with the raisins. She got home and shoved the cake in the oven. “It’s burnt!” but then she found a solution. “Pink frosting!” She ran to the hall, and by luck, her cake was successful.

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Looking from above I see,

Attractions, beaches, it’s the perfect place to be!

With clear blue sea and golden sand,

An exotic rainforest covering the land.

Christ the redeemer I can see,

A graceful stone statue under me.

Stalls and Stalls sat by the Favellas,

And homeless troops searching for shelters.

Mountains and mountains, hills and hills,

All these hikers give me the chills!

Exotic birds and crazy creatures,

Tropical trees and amazing features,

A sparkling lake covered in green,

Camelions camouflaging,

They’re nowhere to be seen!

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Dear leaders,

It’s come to our attention that 57 million children aren’t provided with educational assistance.

One in three children are disabled. Many have to stay at home whilst their family are at school and this is disgraceful. We’re all equal and everyone is entitled to an education.

It’s disturbing that you are using the excuse that there is no way of disabled people walking to school although it’s interesting half of their friends travel with provided transport.

Individuals with needs are of no differential aspects and it’s crucial people take this into account. It’s clear that the way they’re treat is wrong and you can stop to this!

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It was a cold, dark winter’s evening and Sally was sat in her bed reading the twilight saga when she heard a mysterious rustle coming from next door. Foxes were always hanging around her area and so she had no suspicions at all although the noise just got louder second by second. She crept out on tiptoes, her feet up high. However, She could see nothing and so she slowly walked back inside into her warm, cosy home. She soon reached her door step and at that moment she saw a strange shadow following her as she crept into her house. The shadow soon went away and she just thought it was the light. “AHHHHHHH!!!” She heard a scream. Fear ran through her mind like a lake as she ran to the rescue. However, the shadow only got closer and as Sally ran away, it was as if she was running towards it. The dark figure was holding a sharp knife and it eventually reached  her back. It stabbed right through her weak body, almost touching her fragile bones. Crimson lines marked her back, cardinal blood running down her back as she fell to the floor. The object covered itself in a dark red liquid.  “AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Another resounding scream was let out, only louder this time. The lady who was stabbed left her wounds to leak and she ran to help Sally. Minute by minute more Neighbours arrived and the stalker rushed away. Blood flew out of her like a river and her wounds were too severe and almost impossible to fix. Her scream was pointless as it just made it more painful.  A tear ran down her face as her fingers very slightly twitched. Several ambulances and police cars were called and many people tried to patch up her wounds although it had no affect. There was zero movement in her eye muscles, and they didn’t glisten like normal at all. The paramedics began to whisper and they soon revealed that she had moments left , seconds even. However, made no difference as it was unlikely she  would wake up. Her eyes slowly blinked and her mouth began to open. As she was carried into the car her last words were spoken “It was him”…

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