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one day, Hack was going to the shop to buy his favorite food…..CARROT CAKE  OOH CARROT CAKE INDEED!!!! So when Hack arrived at the shop ,he asked the shop keeper dude ” Sup mate do you have any carrot cake???” asked Hack with excitement. The shopkeeper replied “Yes!!! but im afraid its the last one”he said, well ok but i will die said Hack with fear so Hack ate the carrot cake and  5 days later he died.

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Today I am going to be doing a balanced argument about, if it is better to live in Chorlton now or 100 years ago.Firstly, I will do the reason for living in Chorlton now and not living in Chorlton now. Finally, at the end of this argument you will think about if you wanted to live in Chorlton 100 years ago or now.

The first reason for living in Chorlton today is, that loads of people live there but 100 years ago between 700-800 people used to live there, now around 200,600,100 people live there.

The first reason for living in Chorlton 100 years ago is, that  there was loads of green fields and space and there was lots of fresh air.

Now I am going to move on to reasons against living in Chorlton now, or 100 years ago.

The first reason against living in Chorlton now is, that there isn’t that many parks or green space and attractions.

Finally,The last reason which is against living in Chorlton 100 years ago is, there wasn’t that many schools and there wouldn’t have been much education then.

To conclude, would you like to have lived in Chorlton 100 years go and not have much education, or live there now  and get good education and meet loads of people through your life you choose.

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Star wars

Once, there was a teenage boy and girl. They  were on a special quest to kill the evil Darthvader, he destroyed buildings, made wars! and killed millions of people which suffered in the war. Anas and Daisy have had enough of it, so they had to stop this from happening forever. The next day, it was Saturday and at one o’clock they started to train for the next day. Anas had a light saver and daisy had a fishing rod. The next day they were travelling through the dessert exhaustedly and they held their faith until daisy saw something floating in the air and she said to Anas “Look up… can you see” Anas thought this could be Darthvaders airship and they went in it and saw Darthvader. Daisy got her rod and hit Darthvader, he got furious  and hit her back. Anas got so,so furious and he got his light saver out and with one blow he killed Darthvader and Anas and Daisy lived happily ever after.

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Once, there was a boy. He had three pounds, he wanted to go to the shop so he asked his mum if he could go to the shops. His mum said “no! after you finish your tea!” so he ate his tea rapidly and went to the shop on his new electronic scooter. At the shop the boy got a gargantuan bottle of fizzy pop, he received £1 change and went back home. He gave it to his mum but when she lifted the lid, all of it started to fizz and the boy happily drank it like rain!

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Once, lived a boy called Jack. He was a  poor boy, he worked hard and only got a bit of food. One day, his mum told him to go  sell a cow from the farm , not accept any an less 10 gold coins. He saw a rich man,walking down the street the man wanted to buy  the cow and said to jack “I will give you three magic beans but give me the cow!” When jack was walking back home, three ginormous gold eggs grew from the ground and Jack got them  went back and his mum was happy and jack was.

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Once,there was a man called John.He was a cool gangster with  jeans,dark sunglasses and a big black clothing and lots of jewelry.One day,John went to rob the bank.When he opened the volt a alarm went on. John was so terrified to get caught,and go to prison for so many years then he started to run away. At the time he went out of the bank he found him-self surrounded by so many guards,John felt so so scared and one of the guards told him to hand the money over but he didn’t so  the guard shot him.Some people thought he was alive.meetings were held across the country to find an answer.

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In 1939, with World War II about to begin, archaeologists in Britain were excited by a discovery from 1,300 years ago.

Inside a grassy mound at Sutton Hoo, in Suffolk, they unearthed the remains of an Anglo-Saxon ship, possibly the tomb of a 7th-century nobleman.

The wooden ship had rotted away, but its outline, and some of the treasures buried with it remained. Among the gold, silver and iron was a sword, a shield and this warrior’s helmet, probably the most famous of all Anglo-Saxon museum treasures.

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Once, there was a boy called Max and and me his best friend.One day,I was going to max’s house to play in his back garden.A while after we started playing,we landed in a trap.We were really frightened and when we looked up we saw someone called Hit the target sitting on his throne outside the cage and in the cage we saw our cat mittens that he kidnapped from the kitty cat condo. We tried to escape by digging underground but, all we could see was water.Then we tried breaking the cage and when we broke it we killed him.Finally we were known as the cool boys.

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My pet gorilla, who is ginormous,was riding his really grand three seated bicycle. He went to the zoo to have a chocolate banana and a cup of tea with his gorilla friends and family. After that, he went on his cool bicycle with his teddy monkey and said” knock, knock who’s there? Monkey,  monkey who? Monkey who… get it? Instead of doctor who!” laughed the gorilla. The gorilla was so tired, he went home and exhaustedly into his bed. He slept with his teddy. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for him again but the next morning he didn’t wake up.

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King of the southern Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex and one of the outstanding figures of English history, as much for his social and educational reforms as for his military successes against the Danes. He is the only English monarch known as ‘the Great’.

Alfred was born at Wantage in Oxfordshire in 849, fourth or fifth son of Aethelwulf, king of the West Saxons. Following the wishes of their father, the sons succeeded to the kingship in turn. At a time when the country was under threat from Danish raids, this was aimed at preventing a child inheriting the throne with the related weaknesses in leadership. In 870 AD the Danes attacked the only remaining independent Anglo-Saxon kingdom, Wessex, whose forces were commanded by Alfred’s older brother, King Aethelred, and Alfred himself.

In 871 AD, Alfred defeated the Danes at the Battle of Ashdown in Berkshire. The following year, he succeeded his brother as king. Despite his success at Ashdown, the Danes continued to devastate Wessex and Alfred was forced to withdraw to the Somerset marshes, where he continued guerrilla warfare against his enemies. In 878 AD, he again defeated the Danes in the Battle of Edington. They made peace and Guthrum, their king, was baptised with Alfred as his sponsor. In 886 AD, Alfred negotiated a treaty with the Danes. England was divided, with the north and the east (between the Rivers Thames and Tees) declared to be Danish territory – later known as the ‘Danelaw’. Alfred therefore gained control of areas of West Mercia and Kent which had been beyond the boundaries of Wessex.

Alfred built up the defences of his kingdom to ensure that it was not threatened by the Danes again. He reorganised his army and built a series of well-defended settlements across southern England. He also established a navy for use against the Danish raiders who continued to harass the coast.

As an administrator Alfred advocated justice and order and established a code of laws and a reformed coinage. He had a strong belief in the importance of education and learnt Latin in his late thirties. He then arranged, and himself took part in, the translation of books from Latin to Anglo-Saxon.

By the 890s, Alfred’s charters and coinage were referring to him as ‘king of the English’. He died in October 899 AD and was buried at his capital city of Winchester.

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