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”What are you munching on?” said Zack. ” I’m munching on a lolly pop that comes from Brazil. It’s lime and lemon flavored” said Jack. Zack looked at the jar of lolly pop’s but there was only two left. ” can I have one?” said zack. ”NO!”shouted jack. ” oh ok” said zack as he walked towards the living room. Jack felt a bit sorry for him so he said yes,he could have one. Jack looked annoyed. ”Here” said Jack. ”Thanx your awesome” Said Zack. The day was as terrible as going into a dark cave when there is no lolly pop’s left.

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In the year 2014, a hamster named Iggy set of  with his friend Ashher on an adventure. Suddenly,Iggy stopped directly in front of a tree.” Why did you stop?” Asked Ashher confused. Iggy didn’t reply and he started walking towards a mountain . When Ashher looked up he was shocked. Look up can you see Iggy looked up there was bombs falling from the sky. ”Look out!” shouted Ashher and a bomb fell to the ground. Iggy got a gun from his backpack and shot it in the air and a plane fell down and Iggy dogged it. Lets just go home.

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Once, there were two boys called Zack and Jack. They were playing in their garden when they met a girl called Violet. She just moved into town. ”Hello” said  Violet. ”Hi” said the boys. Zack asked Violet she wanted to be friends with them . ”Ok!” shouted Violet as she started eating a banana. Zack got up and Jack stood up, as they walked towards her she, was walking towards the bin but when she opened the lid there was a cat in the bin with some kittens. ”WOW!” said  Violet there are kittens are in the bin. Zack and Jack kept the kittens and made a friend.

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Once upon a time, a boy named Jack lived with his mother. They were very poor and had a cow. Every day, they would eat food but it would be milk. One day, Jack was sitting on a tree stump. Jack’s mother told him to go and get some money by selling the cow. ”Sell the cow for ten gold coins or more,” said Jack’s mum.He set off in the morning and Jack took the cow. But all of a sudden, ”a genie said you can have a wish”! Jack got lots of money and was never poor ever again.

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One day Joe was watching TV and he wanted to do an experiment. Isabella was Joe’s friend and she wanted to do an experiment to. Joe went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup. Isabella got an ice cube. Joe and Isabella rushed into the living room and Isabella placed the ice cube into the cup.

”We will come back after one hour ” said Joe.

”Ok” replied Isabella.

After a while Joe and Isabella dashed back into the living room and checked the cup but when they looked in there was nothing .But all they could see was water.

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Once upon a time there was a boy named Zack. He was riding his bicycle in  the park but all of a sudden a grand gorilla popped out of nowhere. Zack smashed into the gorilla and Zack went flying in the air and the gorilla fell onto the ground.”Ouch!” shouted Zack.”What happened ”said Jack. ”I smashed into a gorilla” said Zack as he stood up. The gorilla looked really angry. ”URGH” said the gorilla. Zack looked scared. The gorilla started to laugh and Zack started to  laugh.”ha ha ha”said everyone “lets be friends” said Zack.




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700 years ago the terrifiying Aztecs lived in Mexico .They sacraficed people to pleas there sun god.If they didn’t pleas there sun god the world would end there would be no sun!

A man named Aclan wanted to build a city but the only way he could build a city was to find something and build were it is.The next day Aclan woke up and he got viseteted by a god named spaceanastes.

The god said that he had to find a egle pearched on a cactus eating a garta snake and lisning to some music.”you will build your city there and you shall live in peace” said the god.

Once the god was gone Aclan leaped out his chir and got his stuff and set of into a the boling hot desert. after 500 years Aclan was ready to give up the nexst day but he really wanted a city so he cept on searching.the next morning Aclan woke up the next day he went ontop of a tall sand mountin ”AHHHHH what a good day” said Aclan.

when Aclan rubbed his eyes he saw an egle pereched on a cactus eating a garta snake and lisning to some music but it wasn’t that it was a marage dun dun duuun then Aclan ran to the egle but wasnt the egle jumpped and lannded in the sand”HUH”said Aclan it took a while for Aclan to understand what had happend but eventually he  found out it was a marage. then he just got up and went back to sleep then the next day he woce up and he saw what he was looking for he couldnt beleve his wonderfull eyes he had found the egle .

”HOORAY” said Aclan ”ive foung it” Aclan was sooo happy he was jumpping he was clapping ”WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP” ”IVE FOUND IT”said Aclan went to the egle and stroked it on the head and that gav e him an idia of what to call his city Aclan city.



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My first day in year 5 was good but I was a bit scared because I never met my new teacher before.once I met my teacher I thought that he wouldn’t be nice but to tell you the truth my new teacher was nice.his name was mr Vaughan he’s really nice he’s a kind man he’s not strict or bad he’s just a kind man and I like him very much.the first day we had assembly then we did speed dating then it was play time then we came back into class and then we did maths and then lunch I had cheese swirl with mash potato then we did our Aztects notes then lastly it was home.

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