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Magic Pen.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Rose.She was 10 years old. She really liked to go to school. When she went to school on Monday, she took her pencilcase with her. When she open her pencilcase, she took pen from it…..but when she lifted the lid….you will never belive it !! THERE WAS A LITTLE THING! There was something Magic. From there, she started to called this, Magic Pen. When, Rose was using the Magic Pen, she didnt make any mistakes. Her family,friends and her teachers were very proud and very socked but they didnt now about the Magic Pen.
 THE END!!!!

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                 Snow White 

Once upon a time, there lived a women called Molly, she lived with her little daughter called Snow White. Molly give her this name because  Snow White was born on snow and she really like snow. Snow White was 5 years old.

After 20 years, Snow White was a princess of snow, for her SNOW was everything. But one day the sun came out and there was
no snow. When Snow White came out she could not see snow, she was angry and she was shouting at everyone. Everyone was saying sorry but she did’t say anything. After, 1 moth the snow again fall and she was again happy and after she was Queen.

Everyone was happy.


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Once upon a time, there lived a man called Ali. He had 2 sons, 1 was called Max and 1 Josh. They were living in a big forest. One day, when Max and Josh went to school Ali went to the shop. He sow a man on the street who was shouting “Is the meeting where held across the country to find the answer!!!!!” “which answer ?”Ali ask.”Someone take £100,00 from the bank.” “OK” Ali said. Ali take his sons from school and he give to Grandma. When Ali get across the country he sow lots of people in the meeting. Ali was late because they find the answer  before.




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