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One humid day,my mum made some delicious cookies while i was school . During school my mummy had two of those delicious cookies to check they were very very very nice .The mum said ow my there is only five left. When ,my brother came home he had three and then when i came home there was only two left .

Then i asked my mum  “can i have the last two cookies she said no your only alowed one .After she said she had ate it she went to bed then she asked can have anther cookie “yes”.but am afraid its the last one he said!

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One day, a  spectacular lady was bored . So she went to make a cookie in the oven. Half  an  half an hour later,…she smelled something nice so she went down stairs to get them. Suddenly, the cookie turned pink and the cookie monster was holding it. The lady called it elmo and elmo said “hi”.The next day the lady went out side and saw elmo in the sky. Look  up ! can you see elmo?

So she went inside and when the clock struck 12  the lady went to bed. The  next day elmo had make  breakfast  so she sat in bed and ate her dilious breackfast.

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                                           THE MAGICAL POT!                  

One day, there  was a girl and  2 boys  and the girl all ways bullied the boys. When  the clock struck 9,the  children  went to bed. In the morning, The girl went down stairs and because it was her birthday day the boys gave her a present .But when she lifted the lid …a ginormous spider popped out and bit her . So she went to bed .    

After  , she had a rash!  then she told  her mum and she shouted BOYS!  So the boys  came down and said they   didn’t  do anything  so mum let them of.   That bulliyng  carried on.   


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Little Red Riding Hood     

Once up on a time ,there lived a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood she asked her mum could take some cookies to her  Grandmar  house . So she walked down the path to her Grandmars house .She saw  a wolf .It  askes her were she is going .She got to her grandmars butiful house and she said what  big eyes you have. The wolf runs away kills her and brings her back and evry one thiks she is a sleep.

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Dear people of Burravoe school,

Today we have gathered a few questions for you that we would like you to answer.

1. Our nearest emergency service is in Withington about a mile away, how far is yours?

2. At the moment, our weather is mixed. How about yours?

3. In Manchester, a square km consists of around 4,000 people, what about in Yell

4. Our area, Chorlton, is big enough to be a town but what is Yell classed as?

5. We don’t have any floods in Manchester very often, do you have any?

6.We have  a lot of shops around us Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s ,do you?

7.  We have lots of restaurants like whether spoons, Christie fields and croma bar, have you got any?

By Laiba, Anya, Sara and Domonique

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Once up on a time, there  lived three children Billy, Joey  and Lilly. They  rode  there bikes to the awesome ,cool swimming lessons and when they got on there swimming costumes on. They got in the pool and sank to the bottom. All they could see was bright blue water  Suddenly ,they got  brought  back up to the surface .As quick as a car they ran to the changing room because they were embarrassed .Their mum came to pick them up. She  took them home they ran up stairs  and there room .There was  a monster and it taught them how to swim.


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The terrifienig aztecs were told to beilve in lots  of  gods.The most important god was the 

sun god.They did a lot of  human sacrafice now my story starts…



One day the aztecs were bourd of killing and sacrarfice so they pread to the god.Said you will need faith with faith you will find a jaguar  perched on a log with a worm in its mouth .They went looking for there promiced land.They went to sleep for a hour and a half and then they woke up and then they had some brecfast .



Then  they turned around and then they shoted “we found it” you found what.The promiced land and they were  gobsmaked and then they they started to bild there  promiced land then  they went to bed then she talked in her sleep 



Then  they went out side of there house then there houses were flouded and then everything so they desided to bild it and they bilded there promiced world. 


so then in a hundred years the aztecs stopped sacrafiseing people.

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First of all I drove to the airport then I got on the air plane  then I got of then I un packed my bags and then I went to the theme park  with my  sisters and went on 10 rides then I went to the pool then I went to a show that is on every night then I went to see the fire works then I went to bed.

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On my first day we went to assembly then we did speed dating then we went to play time then we went to maths then we had lunch then we did topic then it was home time .

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