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On a steaming hot bright day in Egyipt . A man called Coomba lived in a poor ruin house but he did not care but he did want water to survive this beadly heat, so he waled slowly across the sandy path leading to the shop place. Once he arrived to the water shop he was going to get 2 water pots then , he had a sinking feeling because he said ” but I’m afraid  it’s the last one. ” So he cared on walking and buy the last one but then hey saw a poor man under a tree so Coomba went to the man and shared the water with him  .

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Once  upon a time, there was an adventurous pirate called Dasiy and she had a partner called Charnel, who lived in a small island called pirate island. On the golden yellowy sand, there was a empty bottle with nothing in side. As Charnel was running  around the beach, saw the empty bottle and take it to Dasiy. In side the hid out, Daisy was in her bed room and she was sleeping on her warm bed. When Charnel arrived, she woke  her up and give the bottle to her.                                                                                                                     

WHEN she lifted the lid, the bottle said something. And after that, they sailed to Never Island.

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When Jack saw the giant coming, he got scared. When the  ginormous  giant saw the tiny person, he got him and putted him on his big taddle. After that, he got the golden goose  and got out of the castle and got on the green beanstalck  and Jack said ” thank you.”                                                                                          Then the giant waved  good bay and Jack want down it.

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On Sunday, Jack was going to the beach with his new, clean car with, Jon,Ezi and Bod. It’ was their first time going to the beach ,and Jack know it will be lots of fun. When they arrived they got hungry, so Bod got his money and, got us some hotdogs which taste fantastic. Quickly they ran to get to the beach on time, and when they arrived, all they could see was water, with people swimming. Then Ezi said,” were not at the beach were at the swimming baths”.     ” OH MAN ” said Jack. SO they went swimming instead.

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One day, J0n the gorilla had a shiny,pink bicycle and it was big. On Monday, Jon the gorilla laughed on his new bicycle because he was going to visit the grand king and Jon the gorilla was excited too. When he got there, the grand king was waiting for Jon and he was excited. When Jon arrived, the king was happy to see him because he had lots of fun things. Firstly, they played puzzle games , secondly, they eat lots of yummy food, finally, they did drawings and telling  jokes . After all that Jon the gorilla went back home. 

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A long time ago in South America , lived the aztecs. They blived in many gods and goddsses , they had a leader  was called Slopy he was a powerful leader for all aztecs people.                                                                                                                                                           In south america the rich peoples will kill aztecs people to keep the moon god happy , but if they don,t do it all of the people will never got water or sleep, so Slopy went to visted the  great moon god to help us. “O GREAT ONE, please explain where can we find out peaceful place?”

“If you find a golden monkey with a shiny sparkly golden banana, you can find the promised land.”

So the brave ones went to find the golden banana with a golden monkey. They had been walking for two years. Slopy’s daughter said ” We have been walking for two years”.

Slopy said “Faith!”

“But we have been going for ever and you say faith!”


And so they moved on.

Everyone got sleepy so they had built theirselves a tent in the jungle. At night after sleeping Slopy went to get food. Then he saw a banana tree, he saw a golden banana and a golden monkey.

When they found it they had a celebration and built a city and they all had a happy life.

The end

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On Monday the whole class went to the hall,at the hall all of the class es in the school was together ,and miss Elliot was telling us a story about The NEW world and it was loooong.After that we came back at class then mrVaughan was teaching us about AZTECS. We then was doing face about Aztecs.

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