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Happy family

Jack and Rose were walking in the forest, with there mum. Suddenly Jack stopped and said to Rose “Rose! LOOK!” “what?” sid Rose. Jack said “LOOK UP! Can you see? THERE IS HOLLY!” Holly ! we are here!” they shouted. “OH, come on kids , Holly is not there !” mum cried. ” Mum ! Why….. What….. PLEASE MUM! Why you not believe  us ?”they said. ” OK!OK! We can stay and sleep here, BUT just 1 night” said mum. “HOORAY !” they shouted. “Thanks mum. You’re the best mum in the word.”said Holly. “Aaaaa, OH MY….GOD., HOLLY!” shouted mum. “You did it Holly” said Rose. “yes! can we go home now ?? said Holly.” YES, you’re the best kids in the ward ” said mum. 


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