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One day, Sara, Samantha and Laiba went to the shops. They were best friends. They were going to get some ice lollies for themselves. Samantha asked the shopkeeper “Do you have any ice lollies?” The shopkeeper showed them one ice lolly. “But theres only one left!” he said. “Someone has already ordered it.” They were devastated. They really wanted one due to the fact that it was too hot. Sara went back into the shop and said ” we will pay double for the ice lolly. The shopkeeper gave them the ice lolly and they shared it.  By Laiba.



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There once was this mad woman. She was obsessed with this girl called Tanya. Tanya didn’t know that until her parents told her. She always tried to stay away from her.

One day, Tanya was going to go to her friends house with a ice-cream and the mad woman came to her and said “can I lick your ice-cream?” She then took her ice-cream and went.

At night, she saw the woman at the window and then she saw her name at the window. She took the girl and she was never seen again. The End. By Laiba.

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Hi my name is Laiba and I am going to tell you the things I love! Hope you enjoy.

I love 5 Second of summer. They are my favourite band. If you don’t know who they are they are a boy band like One Direction but much better. I HATE One Direction. No offence One Direction fans. I also love SpongeBob. I am crazy for him. I love his laugh and he is funny and when I’m feeling upset he helps me smile. I lastly love my school, my amazing teacher and my lovely friends.

Those were some of the things I love but just think that was a part one due to the fact that I have a lot more things. By Laiba.

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There was this crazy scientist. He would make potions, spells and crazy bombs. Often the lab would go BOOM!! But one day something very unexpected happened. I will tell you about that day.

The sun was shining  and birds were screaming, the sun shone in Davids face. David (the scientist) woke from his bed and went to his lab as usual. He was going to make this potion that he promised his boss was going to be perfect. It was a medicine which makes people go to sleep for the whole day. This was a dangerous risk. Why you ask? Because if some of the smoke from the medicine hit Davids face he could faint and be asleep for the whole day.  It was mostly used on robbers so that when they wake up they won’t have remembered a thing. Anyway now he started.

Dropping liquids in the bowl,  stirring the medicine nervously, he continued. There was smoke coming out!! He got scared. This was about to explode! The medicine boiled and was coming up as the bowl melted. He collapsed  and were asleep for the whole day. When they got up they were very confused and didn’t remember a thing. Oh yes and David got fired. The End. By Laiba.

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There was this statue. The statue was seen to move in the night. Lots of people say its haunted. One day there was this girl who saw it move and reported it to the police. The police took the statue down and after a few days they found out that there was someone in the statue who died and who’s soul was in the statue. Everyone was shocked. They were told to destroy the statue. Even though they destroyed the statue the soul was still in the town and haunted people’s houses. The End. By Laiba

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It was a sunny bright day, the sun was shining and birds were screaming, Sara and Laiba were playing in their front garden when a stranger tried to kidnap them. They ran, ran and ran when they stopped at this house. The house looked spooky and very ancient. They opened the scary door. The door screeched like a chalk on a blackboard. Suddenly, something whizzed past. Look up…. can you see. They saw and shouted “GHOST GHOST!”

Sara grabbed Laiba’s hand and ran as fast as Usain Bolt. They went outside and ran home. There mum was very angry after. The End. By Laiba.

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Once there was a girl called Alisa, her mum is a terrible, horrible cook. One day she asked her mum, ” mum can u make some delicious noodles.” Everyday her mum said “no!” Everytime she kept thinking when am I going to have noodles.

Suddenly, something happened one day. Her mum said “I’ve got a surprise for you.” She was confused. She cook smell the sweet smell of noodles. But then she thought is it noodles……no n0 can’t be. She asked her mum “what’s for dinner?” Her mum ignored her and walked away.

It was dinner time. But when she opened the lid she saw noodles!By Laiba.

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Dear people of Burravoe school,

Today we have gathered a few questions for you that we would like you to answer.

1. Our nearest emergency service is in Withington about a mile away, how far is yours?

2. At the moment, our weather is mixed. How about yours?

3. In Manchester, a square km consists of around 4,000 people, what about in Yell

4. Our area, Chorlton, is big enough to be a town but what is Yell classed as?

5. We don’t have any floods in Manchester very often, do you have any?

6.We have  a lot of shops around us Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s ,do you?

7.  We have lots of restaurants like whether spoons, Christie fields and croma bar, have you got any?

By Laiba, Anya, Sara and Domonique

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There once was a girl called Alex. She was a fashion diva.  Alex wore nail polish, makeup, dresses and much more. People in the neighbourhood called her drama queen. They called her that because if her nail polish gets smudged or her mascara falls she makes a big deal out of it. But they didn’t care. Here is what happened one day which changed her life.

It was a sunny, bright day and Alex was getting ready (as usual) also her lipstick dropped and with a splash all of that red, bloody ink fell with a BLOP.  She fell and started crying. All the people came from the neighbourhood and said “why are you crying?” She explained what happened and they were disappointed. They explained to her its not how you look its how you act and your personality, what your doing is stupid.

Alex understood and looked very ashamed she took of all that nail polish, makeup and dresses off and put on normal things and           everyone was proud of her.

That was the story of the fashion diva and till now she has never worn any of these. The End. By Laiba

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There was a girl called Monica. She was 21. One day she went to New York and arrived. Monica went to her hotel and saw a man lying down. She was confused. She called the hotel manager and they to0k his body to the hospital. She said to herself ” this is not a good way to spend my holiday.” They said that it was a murder. She gasped. Meeting were held across the country to find an answer. She told her mum everything and her mum said that its good to come back to England. She came back and since then she has been in suspense. The end. By Laiba.

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