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One raining day there was two children who were called Jordan and Ashley , and they were poor  and they never had a house to sleep in . They only had a bin to sleep in and to eat into but they didn’t have anything to drink . So the next morning they went looking for a drink. When he went out of the forest he saw a shop full of cola so he went  in to the shop and said  “can I please have a drink of cola?” and the shop keeper said “Im  afraid Its the last . One  “then the  shop keeper said  “if   you want the last  cola then you have to pay for it so then Ashley and Jordan run home with a drink excited.

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once  there was a herd of lost people were stuck on a haunted jungle so they held meetings across the country to get these stranded people  off of the scary jungle. As the people and a little the ghost called Clive who  haunted  everyone who was stuck on the Jungle base on a base of the island . The people give up so they cant find their way back home to be continued…


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once upon time there was four children called Ben, Freddy, Tom, and Nathan. and then Ben Freddy Tom and Nathan and they go football everyday and they .Then when the four kids came back from football they were present from there parents and when they opened it was a football then there parents said that’s yours for playing good.


So then the four boys went to football one day and there special coach taught them how to play real football with the proper big boys then the four boys said can you teach us how to skill.


So the next time they went to football one day and it was raining but it was only water THE END BY LEO







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I went to the zoo and I went to see a gorilla called Pinky. He was born in 2002 and he liked riding bicycle and he always laugh while riding the bike.

I went shopping with my mum and dad.  Then my dad went in JD.  I saw some Nike blazer that was a grand so my dad said to me “ do you want  get them or not?” so I said “yes I will get them.”


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first  3 days In school I meet  loads of people in my class on the first day in the morning


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