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One day free bears were going into the dark , dark forest  because there food was to hot .when they went gold lokes came into the free bear home because she was very hunger .Firstly,she went to look  for the food  and she fond  free blows .  “This is too hot.”This is too cold .”this is                                                                                                                                 

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On day there  was  two kids called Troy and Molly  and  they  want  to be like there  mum and dad . On day Troy and Molly mum and dad  took them to a meeting  what was  held across the across the country  to find an answer. When they got there  the meeting was very big .

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 One day,Molly and Troy went to meet  Rocky and  Lilly to go to the  beach  with there pets. There  pets are call Marc,Mia,Eli,and Mayzie When they got there  all they cud see was water .”Where is the sand ?” said Rocky “what  sand?”said  Lilly

“It is a rock beach ok not a sandy  beach!!!”

“But but!”said  Rocky

“but what “

“but there is onle water no rocks and no sand onle water .” 

“Lets go home” said molly and Tory.

The End

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In mexico the horrible aztecs  believed  in many  gods .The  Aztecs  killed  people  to keep the sun god happy .  

One day molly the aztecs leader was invited to see the hot burning sun god in Mexico. “You must find your own city where you find a dog on a cactus with a cat in it’s mouth!” 

“How can I tell your word is true?” asked Molly.

“Faith” said the sun god “Faith.”


The next morning Molly and the Aztecs walked for weeks and weeks and after weeks and weeks  Molly’s son said “We will never find it!”

“Faith” said Molly.

“What is faith doing for us?”

One morning Molly went to get some water and then something caught her blue, gleaming eyes. It was a dog with a cat in its mouth. “We have found it my Aztecs, I have found our home!”

So they built their own city with hundreds of things in it. They did a celebration and after a party, Molly said “I will call our city the Green Prickly Cactus”. Then it was bedtime. Then Molly’s son went to bed. He said to Molly “I am glad to have a home” and Molly said ” I am too.”

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