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On a lovely sunny morning , Luke was going to school a lot faster than he usualey goes because his class was going chester zoo for a class trip . When he got to school he was right on time ,but the teacher had bad news for him and the class . ” I have bad news for you all , we are not going to chester zoo for the class trip , it is cancelled because a lion broke out of its cage and it’s dangerous so instead we are going to do 100 wc but i’m afraid it’s the last one in year 5 ” nervously said the  teacher . so they sadly done the last 100 wc.

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I woke up from a deep ,deep sleep. Then I looked around me because I didn’t know where I was . I tried to shout out “is anyone there” but no one answered , I knew I was alone by the minuet no one answered to me . I was so lonely I said to my self and then I heard this very mysterious voice I did not trust the voice because I did not know who it was, the voice said to” look up! can you see “  ” what” I said . I was furious with  myself so I believed , I was finally  free.

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