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This is a true story.

One day sam and lily were hiking in the forest. But they didn’t know something was lurking in the tree’s above.

Lily said”Hey!sam do you think something is watching us”                                          “I do have this really strange  feeling” replied sam

Suddenly, something dropped from above it was pink and it looked like a cat .

“OMG!” shouted shouted sam                                                                                                                       “Relax its only a pink cat” said lily                                                                                              “Yes its a pink cat…but i’m afraid its the last one lily” said sam

“We have to keep here a secret or someone might use her for medicine or decoration” said lily

“yes” said sam

The end.

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once opon a time,there was a small hungry boy looking at a shop,hoping to get some food but his luck failed him.

Suddenly, a portal made every little tiny thing disappear “This is definitely demonic!”shouted the little boy.

“errm…who are you?” a girls voice questioned with a meow at the end.                                                                                                                                                                            “I’m sam whats your name?” sam answered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When he had finished turning she said”I’m lilly lightning!”

To be continued.

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Once upon a time there lived a girl see had a curse on here and had therefore been sentenced to eternal sleep until someone rescued her with a kiss.

But everyone who tried got bunt to a cinder by the horrible nasty dragon the only time someone nearly got to her was because they had a sword and a shield. He also got bunt to a crisp.

S0 that pretty girl is still in that stupid tower with that colossal demonic dragon.

The end.

By Mia 

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Once upon a time, there was girl called Lightning she was half cat and the quickest thing in the whole wide world.No one could catch her not even the best technology and her friend was called Lilly she was half wolf. Although she wasn’t as fast as lightning ,for she was like the speed of light ,Lilly could run for longer meetings were held across the country to find an answer of how they did all of this but it was just because of there genes. One day there arch enemy came along put them in a cage but lightning used her claws to get out. Hit the targets still after them.


The end

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One hot sunny morning, I was running ragged once again.My friends thought I and my pet Mia were crazy,exercising during a heat wave.My names lightning and I’m half cat.

“Lightning…stop it right now!”Lilly shouted                                                    “yes Lightning!” sammy and sam the twins agreed.                                   “ok ok…but whats the problem with exercising”lightning shouted angrily.                                                                                                                 “well its a heat wave is it not lightning”lilly said.

Suddenly,we were wept up by a callosal wave when we could see we were in water…but all we could was water.After a while we saw land but when we got there it was deserted.But were happy and were still on the same island.

Were happy though.

The end.

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One day in the animal kingdom Michael the, blue and orange, gorilla saw Lilly the pink grand cat…stuck in a bush! Then carefully Michael got Lilly(did I mention that Lilly is a princess)out of the bush and he…laughed but that was not good because Lilly was getting angry and this is what she did. She grabbed a bicycle and smacked him across the face with it then kissed him and said “That was for laughing at me and this is for getting me out that stupid bush.” and Michael replied”no problem Lilly”

Everyone lived happily ever after…after that happened.


The end

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On the 25 of December 2013 it was christmas and for me it was the BEST christmas ever!I’m going to tell you what I got  and how happy I was.

What I got for christmas:

I got a wii U. I also got a bracelet maker and a starter pack for the wii U gamepad

and I was so so so happy that I couldn’t speak for about 2 hours.

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The aztecs believed in one god to please her they made human sacrifice unfortunately they believed this was necessary. This did not make them popular. So other tribe’s sneaked into there city’s and chased them away.

one windy morning the aztec leader mary got visited by the god of everything said to mary carmly.” you will find land I promise all you have you do is find a cute she cat perched on a prickily cactus holding a rat in her mouth.”                                                         Mary asked.”How to I make sure your word your word is true”                                                     Lilly answered here question.”I’ve got the word that may be all you need to do your journey………Faith”                                                                                                                                   Mary said nearly speechless.”yes lilly”

The aztecs wondered calmly though the valley of spain.Though Mary’s son sam got angry but Mary’s faith stayed strong.Sam shouted angrily.”What good is faith doing us ever since you saw that LILLY we have been IN THE BLASTED DESERT!”                                                             Mary said calmly.”Faith…my son…faith”

One morning from the shore of lake Atl (water) Mary and Sam opened, there eye’s and couldn’t believe what, they were seeing.They shouted as ,loudly as the could to thier, royal subject’s.”Our people,we are here!”

They built and built thier city un till, it was done and it was one awsome,gigantic city and they called it they place of the cute cat.That night Lilly and Mary had a talk.                         Lilly said.”This is a buetifull,  city JUST don’t saccrifice, anymore people okay Mary”           Mary said not at all speechless.”yes lilly,thank you lilly.”                                                             Lilly asked.”why don’t you go sleep after all it is midnight and this is your new home.”       Mary whisperd.”I am  tierd so good night.”

They all lived happily ever after.

                                                                The End

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