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In mexico about 700 years ago there was aztecs and they hade a ledair cald kliro and she is a wemen and the aztecs was loking for ther amaizing city for thawsnt years.

One day klairo had vesited by a pawrfol god the star god the stra god we wont fawnd awer city sid kliro you will side god we wont side kliro you will side god jost wait and then he side if you wont to fawnt yor cite fund  my a cat holding a maus holding a ches so thay  wakld for thawsnt year .

Thay was very hongre and thirsty  but thay didnt stop thay carrid walking.

Thay faunded the things that god told them a cat holding a maus holding a ches so thay faund ther city.

So all of them wer  happy for ther new home and ther new city so then thay gon to sleep on the next day thay play and dans together so all was happy for ever. 


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My 1st day in year5 was brilliant 1 like my new teacher and and my new class and my new friends wear having fun in this class.

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