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Once upon a time , there were two brothers called Jordan and Harry . They were living in a small , horrible house . There life was  miserable , because they missed there mum and dad , there mum and dad past the way . They loved playing uno , chess and another types of board games . They were sleeping like a mouse , because they always slept at the floor . One day when they slept , Jordan found a spider that is so big , so he shouted at Harry “look up can you see there is a big and disgusting spider “. Suddenly they knew that the spider was fake .The end . By Rawad . 

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Once upon a time , there was a big giant girl , she was called Zicky but her real name is Emily. She was very clever and good girl, she always clean and cook dinner.But one day when she lifted the lid of a cooking pan, the kitchen exploded almost half of the house was disappeared . Then all of the people in the street went to see her , she was crying because her lovely house was exploded, but then she bought a better house than her old house , and lived all her life in her new house alone.The End.By Rawad.In Barlow hall primary school .

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Once upon a time there were two friends,one is Jack and the second friend is Danial.They were living in a small house,they were living together because there mum and dad past the way . One day Jack went to bed when suddenly, the bed shook three times Danial went quickly to his friends room and said:omg what happend . When Danial was asking Jack what happened , Jack frost Danial was crying because his best friend frost , next day Danial went to the symmetry to put his best friend in it . Then Danial went home and had his dinner and he was crying .  

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In 2013, I was in a shop and I wanted to have a guitar,but dad said: it is to grand it costs 10000. After that we went to a park and played 5 hours football with my gorilla ,mum said to dad:your daughter is sick come. then we went with our pink big and comfortable bicycle. I always say that it’s real name is bicy, and when i said it all the family laughed .But i always don’t want anyone to laugh at me or at my lovely bicycle. And its real name is bicy.By Rawad at Barlow hall primary school. Thank you.

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