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One sunny day, there was a girl called Samantha,her mum told her to get some milk, chocolate biscuits, bread and chocolate bar. She also gave me three pound to share with Laiba and Sara. So samantha went to get Sara and Laiba and shared the pound to get a lolly pop but there was only one so sara asked is there any more and the shop keeper said “Im sorry, but i’m afraid theres only one left but they’ll be more next week” Samantha said”thats too long”

next week arived and they got a lolly pop!

The end

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One day, there was a spectacular lady that was bored. So she decided to make a cookie because they were her faivrout.  Later that evening she smelt something delicious in the oven baking. She ran down stairs because she was watching TV upstairs. When she got down stairs she went in to the kitchen to get the cookie out. Suddenly, the cookie stood, up turned into a man and started to talk. He said “Hi my name is Elmo.” very scarily. Elmo ran up to the clouds. The little old woman said “look up can you see the little cookie?” No one saw him again.

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The golden lid!


One day, there were two twins that loved to do the same things. One of the twins was called Domonique and the other was called Laiba. They were also best friends they also were in the same class so they were very close to each other.

In the morning, they went on holiday to Spain. They started to walk on the sandy, golden beach and Laiba felt some hard underneath her foot. It was a box! She opened the lid but when she lifted the lid a huge snake popped out of the box and nobody saw the twins again.



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One day, a girl called Goldilocks. She was wondering through the woods and she fell. Suddenly, she stood up and saw a house in front of her. She knocked on the door twice and there was no answer so she checked if the door if it was open and it was so she entered the house but she didn’t know that three bears lived there. She found three bowls of porridge she tried the big bowl and that was cold the medium bowl was to hot and the end bowl was just right. The first bed was hard the second bed was soft and the last one was fine. She fell asleep. When she woke up their was three bears around her and the ate her and she died.


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* Do you have any cemeteries on your island?\ We have lots of cemeteries near by us.

* How close are your emergency service \ you have any? We have loads of them.

* How many shops do you have ?\ We have loads.

*  Do you have  any mountains ?\We don’t have many.    

*  Where do you buy your transports ?\do you have any.

*What is your weather like in Yell?\ Ours weather is mostly rainy?\ Do you have floods?

*  how many field do have?\ we don’t have may.

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There was a girl called Sophie. She wanted to get a job. So she went around the neighbour hood to find one but she couldn’t. All of the jobs had been taken. Suddenly she came across one. It was a job at Morrison’s. She was so exited to finally get a job as a cleaner. She cleaned here and there, up and down  but she didn’t know that their was a leak in one of the strong products! This product was so strong that it went through the floor.They needed to have meetings across the country to find the answer to who would of done such a thing… THE END!

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One day, their was a girl called Samantha. She went to pick up her two best friends. They went to the park to feed the duck and play in the park. Laiba fell into the river. We looked for her but all we could see was water. They where so sad that she was gone so they went home and tried to cheer them self up but they couldn’t. They cried. Samantha and Anya where upset and sad they went down stairs to get a drink and we suddenly saw Laiba . They where so happy.  They ran up to her and gave her a hug.      THE END!

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Once there was a gorilla called James. James owed the bank a grand so on Monday morning, James rode his pink bicycle down to the bank to pay the them so they  would get of his back and he met his friend from down the road and they talked and laughed to each other. Suddenly, two robbers walked into the bank and took all of their money. James cried. He was so upset that he couldn’t live the rest of his life and had to die. All of a sudden the police arrived.

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My first half term in year five  has been great!I have made loads of friends and I have learnt lots of things.I have had a great time.I loved making the Aztec masks and the paper mashay was the best of all because we popped the balloon after and then we painted the paper mashy after it was dry.And in Science we have been learning about the solar system and I can name them from the sun to pluto because mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus,neptune and pluto and I know them in order because mr vaughan taught us a rhyme that goes like this MVEMJSUNP.

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700 years ago,the aztecs thought that,the most important,

thing was human sacrifice was necessary to feed the hungry

gods or the world would end!


One day the leader lisa was walking and saw a god called

Wonga and he said if he found a eagle pearched on a cactus

holding an ant in its mouth you will find your promised land!


So he went to find his crew and when he found them he said “a god called wonga came down to me and said if I found an eagle pearched on a cactus holding an ant in it’s mouth we will find a land of are own.


It took five day’s until one day he fell asleep on a tree and when he woke up he coulden’t believe his eye’ , what the god had said had comw true!


He quickly went to find his crew and calmly said “our people I found our land!”and he showed them were thier land was but it took them a little whileto find it but they did find it.T hey built a boat and they started building a city called chocolate lannd .


One day loads of people started comming to their land and they visetd every day and soo they stoped sacrificing people!



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