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On a lovely summer holiday, Adam and luke were playing outside with sienna. “I guess thats our last day” She said sadly. “why? whats going on ?!” Adam shouted. “I’m move… well.. I ” Luke stopped her. “Just say it “Luke said. “I’m moving house ” she said. “WHAT!” the boys said. ” I am so sorry” she said. “But how and why ?” Adam said. “My mum go to her work about 2 hours and she wants to move there to Chorlton. ” she said. ” ok I need to go now. see you. ” she said “bye”

” But I afraid is the last day ” he said. “I got good news. I’m not moving!” she said. “hurray ” they all shouted.

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If we go out of our school,we hear a lot of traffic.Do you?

When we go out,we see a lot of shops do you?

Have you recently been flooded,and if you did get flooded where would you go?

Is your WI-FI fantastic ?

We have many children and teachers at our school. Do you ?

Do you have any existing place to ?

 PLEASE REPLY . by Sara Asgharpoor and Weronika Robak 

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                                                                                                 All we could see, was water                                           
When, I went outside, I sow lots of water. I, went back to my home and I called to my friend. My friend said “you can swim so, come on.” “OK”  I said. When I get there, my friend said “maybe, we will go to cinema ?” “OK,” I answer. When we get there, we sat down and we were ate popcorn :). Then we swim back. We were playing. When  we went outside all we could see, was water.
We were to scary; so we called to our family’s and we did picnic at home.
                                                                                                 THE END!!!!!

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                                                                                                 The boy and Gorilla.

Once, in a nice zoo,there live a pink Gorilla. Everyone looked at the Gorilla and they laughed because she was really shy but she was really good and she will never do something bad. But one day in the zoo was a boy. He came on his bicycle. The small, talking, pink Gorilla was really expensive and grand. The boy said to his mum “mum can we buy this Gorilla ? she was born 10 days age and she still don’t have a name so we can give her name.” “ok” said mum.

And they live really happy with this Gorilla. 🙂

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My first half term in my class we was doing about victorian times and about 2013.

And we was doing maths and it was fun.

The next day we was doing music and was toooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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